Working for vampires is not an easy job. Especially when they insist on signing contracts with your blood.
Alba is about to defy a vampire queen’s rules in order to undertake a journey to Italy in search of her witch ancestors… and possibly her freedom.
But her quest might also open a well-hidden Pandora’s box which can put at risk the lives of those she loves the most.
The Vampires of Emberbury is a Paranormal Vampire Romance / Paranormal Women’s Fiction Series with an adult female protagonist.

My Rating: * * * * *

My Review:

I love The Stray Witch and book 2 was just as enjoyable. The story picks up where we left off in Stray Witch with Alba continuing to adjust to her life in the Cloister amongst a community of colorful and memorable vampires. Alba is still working for The Cloister as a vampire assistant, but she’s feeling unsure of where she stands with her handsome, enigmatic vampire. Clarence has been away a lot for work, leaving her in a state of relationship limbo. As Christmas approaches, Alba learns that not everything she was led to believe about her predecessor, Julia, who previously served the same vampire coven, is actually true. Her search for answers leads her to Italy. The setting of Italy is beautifully written, and the intrigue, magic and suspense are compelling. In Italy she begins to learn more, but not everyone she meets is as they seem. Danger lurks for both Alba and her vampire love, Clarence. This is a real page turner! Looking forward to the next book

Ava Alton

Eva Alton is an award-winning author of paranormal romance, magical realism and paranormal women’s fiction novels. She’s the author of Stray Witch and The Vampires of Emberbury Series.

“Isolde,” Clarence purred on the other side of the line. He must be in a good mood to call me that. “Non-dinner at The Midnight Owl?” he asked playfully. I was surprised he was offering to take me to dinner―or technically, to watch me eat while he talked―because we had managed to squeeze very few dates into his busy schedule after Mark’s nightmare had come to an end. I tried not to dwell on the reasons for his continuous absences and frequent cancellations, and kept telling myself it was all Elizabeth’s fault for giving him too much to do, too far from home.