Arabian horses are admired for their strength, grace, and athleticism. They are beautiful, intelligent, and remarkable animals.

As a newly minted veterinarian, Vivian Anderson knows and loves horses better than most. With an important horse show on the line and the search for a full-time vet job fast-approaching, Vivian is fully occupied at her Aunt’s Arabian horse ranch and her equine medical externship.

Vivian’s world is abruptly shaken by a shocking murder that casts suspicion on the people she thought she knew best. Stolen medications, fatal “accidents,” unsavory horse handling, and a handsome newcomer have Vivian reeling. She cannot shake the feeling that the seemingly random events are all part of the same puzzle, but who can she trust?

Vivian is about to learn just how dangerous her world of horses can be.

My Rating: * * * *

My Review:

This was a good, clean read especially for animal lovers. The Author definitely combined her love of horses, and animals into her first novel. The first half of the book was a little slow, but there were many characters to introduce. The second half picked up quite well. The cover was really nice, and the editing was very good. Not one error could I find.

The story revolves around Vivienne Anderson who becomes embroiled in a brutal murder. She is an extern Veterinarian who takes care of her aunts show horses on her aunts ranch. Vivienne also works for the local Veterinarian who has an interest in her aunt.

When things start to go horribly wrong around the horse shows she attends, and people who run in the same equine community begin to be murdered, Vivienne turns sleuth trying to find out who the murderer is. She finds that there are hidden dangers in the show horse world, and wonders who she can trust. The plot is well crafted and I could not guess who the killer was. I thought I did, but I was thrown off quickly.

There was definitely some romance included in the story, and I liked the way the ending informed you how everyone was doing in the aftermath. This is definitely a good read, and it could even turn into a series if the author is so inclined.

About Alison O’Mara

An avid animal lover, Alison O’Mara grew up in the rolling foothills of Northern California surrounded by horses, particularly Arabians. She found a way to combine her love of both the murder mystery genre and all things equine in her first novel – Catch Handle. When not at her day job, Alison plots future mysteries and spends her time with her growing family, palomino mare, and two precocious cats.

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