When I was a little girl, I dreamed a handsome knight would come and rescue me from my wretched mother. He’d ride up on his white steed and break the curse I’ve been fated to carry since the day I was born.

Funny how things changed over time. How the fairy tale twisted into something far more crooked, darker than I ever imagined.

In reality, my knight is scarred and broken, living alone in a castle of bones that overlooks the sea. He isn’t searching for me. He never was.

Lucian Blackthorne is as cursed as I am, and equally shunned by the locals, the fishers of men, who believe him to be the devil in the flesh.

Perhaps he is, with the way his amber eyes draw me in, ignite me like an infernal blaze. And the sins he whispers in my ear are as wickedly intoxicating as the man himself.

Yet, his touch is heaven and his will is my weakness.

He calls us forbidden, an unsalvageable tragedy, with no happy end. Maybe we are. But in this story, he’s the one who needs saving.

MY RATING: * * * * *


All I can say is WOW! This is the first book I have read by Keri Lake, and I am hooked. I feel like I don’t have the words or ability to do justice to this novel, but I’ll give it my best shot. First of all this is gothic romance written brilliantly. The atmosphere is perfect. This is the dangerous combination I truly adore: a gothic mansion with a family of dark secrets, dark, intense, erotic, horrific, psychological, soul crushing story. I could barely tear myself away from the story, and yet I never wanted it to end. The cover was also gorgeous!

Lucian Blackthorne’s character is brilliantly written. Just his name alone makes your heart pound faster. What a charismatic, dangerous, secretive, seductive but also caring, deeply flawed, sad and lonely character. Everything about him is the man you have secretly wanted all your life. To be loved by a man like him would be a heady and powerful feeling. The aura of danger and sex oozes from him.

“The girl has corrupted every fiber of my being, and no one will ever be good enough after her. No one will ever compare to the flesh and blood fantasy before me. She’s mine.
The breath of new life. The steady pulse in my veins. The long-awaited beat of a heart that’s been dead too long.
My kindred flame.”
― Keri Lake, Master of Salt & Bones

When he hires a young beauty, Isadora Quinn, to be his mother’s companion and live at the house, Lucian has no clue that this woman is going to work her way into the organ that he thought was once rotten and black. His heart. Isa is a broken soul also, and her attraction to Lucian is every bit as powerful. This couple has some serious psychological issues from their traumatic pasts. They are twisted broken souls, and two sides of the same coin.

Isadora Quinn is a 19 year old woman with dark secrets of her own. She’s lived her entire life underneath the shadow of her drug addicted mother’s sins in their small town. Desperate for an escape, she takes a job as a caretaker for Lucian’s mother. The second she enters the Blackthorne manor her life becomes more complicated than she ever dreamed. When she goes to Blackthorne castle to be a companion to Lucian’s mother their paths cross. Meeting him for the first time knowing what the town calls him behind his back she finds out that there is more to this enigmatic man, and sparks start flying. Soon a sensual dance begins.Lucian tries to fight the heady attraction that he feels every time he hears,see’s or thinks about her! If you like tortured heroes, prepare to give your heart away!

A dual POV dark romance between two broken people irresistibly drawn to one another. I’m a dark romance junkie and this book just spoke to me. It opened up its secrets and hidden messages one layer at a time. As I descended down floor upon floor of this complex plot, I got just sucked into the intrigue and savage history of Bonesalt in Tempest Cove.

This may not be a story for everyone, but for me it felt like home. I will now be looking out for the next gothic romance that will turn me inside out, and I’ve found they can be few and far between. Thank you Keri Lake for a wild ride in a beautiful story!

“You’re my curse. Staying away from you, is like trying to hold my breath when the tide is rising … I want to drown in you.” Lucian Blackthorne

Keri Lake

Author of dark romance who specializes in demon wrangling, vengeance dealing and wicked twists.

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