What’s the scariest thing that can happen on Halloween? Murder.

Ruby Holmes is plenty excited to serve her cakes and goodies to the many trick-or-treaters in Carmel Springs, Maine. Halloween is here. Costumes range from fearsome to the funny, and when Ruby sees a clown jostling with a vampire to get to her cakes, she doesn’t think anything of it.

That is, until the corpse of the ‘vampire’ washes up on the beach, right in front of her food truck. Ruby’s not going to let this mystery go unsolved, even if it means annoying the local detective and the murderer themselves.

Can Ruby discover the identity of the killer clown? Or will he get the last laugh?

My Rating: * * *

My Review:

This is the first book in this series by this author I have read. It was really a fun, quick and festive Halloween read! The story and plot were well thought out, and the characters Ruby, Bee and the towns people were fun. I loved how the town celebrated for the whole Halloween weekend–a haunted house, parties, vendors and lots of great food!

The main characters are Ruby and Bee. They run a pastry truck in Maine. They are part of the Halloween celebration in town, and the day after Halloween there is a dead body found on the beach. Ruby and Bee start to investigate when Bee comes down with the flu. Ruby must figure things out for herself before it is too late, and before the sheriff arrests her again.

There are a few strong suspects, and Ruby finds herself in a tight spot after snooping to much for her own good. This was an entertaining read, and I really didn’t see the end coming! I would have given this another star, but for some spelling/grammatical errors that were a little distracting. I would recommend this cute little series.


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