It’s the time of year when the immortal army of the ancient king rides Watling Street and the dead become uneasy in their graves. Indeed, in the far north of Warwickshire, the villagers insist that one dead man returned to kill his only son. Now it’s up to Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire’s new Crowner, to run the walking corpse to ground and put him back where he belongs.

My Rating: *****

Another enjoyable and well-written mystery in this series. Sir Faucon de Ramis is back with his band of men to investigate a mysterious death with supernatural overtones. This is the fifth in a series, set in Medieval times in England. Mystery continues as the Crowner appointed by the king to investigate “unnatural deaths” is called to investigate an eerie murder that the people of the village believe to be the walking dead. A father who returns, kills his son and terrorizes the town. This was a wonderful tale full of colorful characters and wonderful descriptive writing. The author has wonderful knowledge of the time period. The mystery within the mystery is finally solved, and what a twisted murderer is Sir Faucon faced with. The ending comes with a supernatural element that is quite intriguing. I really enjoyed this series and hope there will be another book in this series!