Maxine Parker expected to lose her life when the Vampire King swept through her city like a plague. She did not expect to lose her heart to him as well.

Caught between her desire to protect the living and her love for Dracula, she suddenly finds herself the enemy of the hunters who had once been her allies.

As the Vampire King unleashes his army of the damned and turns Boston into a sea of carnage, she must decide if she can love the monster for what he is, or if she must be the one to end his bloody crusade through history once and for all…

My Rating:

My Review: I enjoyed this book every bit as much as the first. I had some trepidation how this story would end, but it didn’t disappoint. The writing is beautiful and you can’t help but become emotionally invested in these complex characters. Vlad is hell bent on showing Maxine the depths of cruelty and depravity he is capable of. He tests the strength of Maxine’s mettle to see if she can except all of him not just a facet of him. When the vampire hunters wrench Maxine from him in an ambush his wrath knows no bounds. He will destroy everything and everyone in his wake. This is a cold and merciless Vlad, and Maxine is shocked and horrified to her core. The carnage of her city and it’s people is staggering. Maxine has to make a difficult choice between killing the one she loves or saving the city and Vlad doesn’t make it easy on her. This story has love, passion, sensuality, cruel vampires as they should be and interesting secondary characters. I hope there is another book in this series coming. I will be watching!