Sir Robert of Offord dies mysteriously just after accusing his new wife of adultery and his son-by-marriage wants the shire’s new Crowner to prove the knight was murdered. Instead, Sir Faucon de Ramis discovers that a bell owned by the dead man is missing. But who could have taken it— the daughter who loved it as a child, the knight who wants it as collateral, or the prior who wishes to restore it to its holy purpose of calling the angels? Follow Warwickshire’s new Servant of the Crown as Sir Faucon embarks on his most unusual and convoluted hunt yet.

My Rating: *****

My Review:

I really enjoyed book 4 and I am already looking forward to book 5! The stories are very well thought out, move quickly through the plot and have great character development. These stories are character driven with an emphasis on the investigation and legal principles involved. Brother Edmund is invaluable in the legal aspects. There is also a strong sense of humanity and compassion for the citizens caught up in the crimes. The characters don’t agree with wrongdoing, but do sympathize with those pushed to extreme action by the hatred of others or by situations. Medieval Keeper of the Pleas, Sir Faucon de Ramis and his partner Brother Edmund, are once again summoned to evaluate a mysterious death. This time it’s a knight who died suddenly and horribly after a family celebration. The story itself revolves around a family heirloom bell. I am thoroughly enjoying this series, and will be sad to see it end.