A leper’s daughter is found in the well of a dying hamlet and the only suspect has fled into Feckenham Forest. But the sun is setting and Warwickshire’s sheriff is hunting his new Crowner. That sends Sir Faucon de Ramis and Brother Edmund, his prickly clerk, racing for a nearby abbey only to meet the man he least wishes to see at the abbey gates. Before long, Faucon finds himself riding into the dark at Sir Alain’s side as they hunt for yet another lost innocent.

My Rating: *****

My Review:

Another great installment to this series! Now just three-weeks old, the relationship between the Crowner and his clerk, Brother Edmund, has aged well and continues to supply comic relief as they investigate murders. They have added another to their retinue, Alf – a soldier known to the Crowner from previous experience. This is a well crafted story with great vivid description and always evolving characters. The other mystery inside this mystery builds more and I am dying to find out who the cold, and calculated murderer of innocent children is. I highly recommend this series!