Buda, Ottoman Hungary, 1599: Yasamin, the naïve daughter of an Ottoman bureaucrat, finds herself trapped in an arranged marriage to the son of the powerful governor of Buda. She is unprepared for the gossip and scheming rampant in the palace but realizes she faces more than petty jealousies when someone tries to drown her in the baths on the day before her wedding. An unearthly menace lurks in the palace corridors, and the one person able to protect Yasamin is a soldier named Iskander, who seems to appear whenever she needs him. Charming and confident, he is nothing like her new husband, but trusting either of them could be a deadly mistake.

Berlin, Germany, 1999: Adam Mire, an American professor of history, discovers a worn, marked-up copy of Dracula. The clues within its pages send him on a journey across the stark landscape of Eastern Europe, searching for a medallion that once belonged to Dracula himself. But a killer hounds Adam’s footsteps, and each new clue he uncovers brings him closer to a beguiling, raven-haired woman named Yasamin Ashrafi, who might be the first of Dracula’s legendary Brides.

Adam has an agenda of his own, however, a quest more personal than anyone knows. One misstep, and his haunted past could lead to death from a blade in his back … or from Yasamin’s fatal embrace.

My Rating:****

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. I love my vampires the old traditional way and these fit the bill perfectly. I had a hard time thinking how to describe this book, but I figure I’ll just dive right in. This story is about Dr. Mire a professor of history who because of an old friend, embarks on a quest to find an ancient medallion believed to be owned by Dracula himself. The story goes back and forth between Buda, Ottoman Empire 1599 and Germany 1999. In 1599 Buda we are introduced to Yasamin believed to be first bride of Dracula, and her story. Yasamin was a young girl when she was betrothed to the Pasha’s son Murad. She finds herself in a court rife with intrigue and danger. She is betrayed by every friend she thought she had, and her husband is rather strange and indifferent to her. Her life is saved by a mysterious man who then becomes her lover. Between her husband and her lover trusting either one could cost her life.

Berlin,Germany 1999. Adam’s quest is a personal one. The reason being the murder of the woman he loved eight years before. When he finds an old full of notes copy of Dracula he follows what he believes are the clues to find the medallion and the burning questions he seeks lands him in Eastern Europe. His journey is a harrowing one full of intrigue, danger and unspeakable horror. His search for answers leads him to the cold and lethal Yasmin. Adam knows that he is taking a risk that will either give him revenge, or cost him his life. This was a fascinating story and I highly recommend it to all who love their old time monsters.