At 30, Victorian bookshop owner Georgia Fenchurch knows she’s considered a middle-class old maid. That’s all right with her. She has the bookshop she inherited when her parents were murdered before her eyes, providing her with a living and something to keep her busy during the day. At night, she has another occupation. Driven by her need to see people rescued and justice done, she works with the Archivist Society.

In the foggy London of coal fires and carriages, glittering balls and Sherlock Holmes, the Archivist Society digs through musty records searching for the truth. They also don disguises and assume identities as they hunt for missing people, stolen treasures, and cunning murderers. Between her efforts for the Archivist Society and her management of the bookshop, Georgia doesn’t have time to be lonely.

When a respectable middle-class woman comes into her bookshop complaining that a duke has abducted her next door neighbor, Georgia thinks the investigation will be a short one. Instead, she finds herself embroiled in theft, blackmail, lies, secret marriages, and murder. The man Georgia is asked to find may be royalty, may be dead, and is definitely missing. The woman who hired her won’t reveal the truth. The accused duke may be a victim or a killer, but he certainly is involved in the hunt for the missing man. And every aristocrat who knew the missing man seems to be hiding their own dangerous lie.

As Georgia crosses London searching for the missing man, she finds herself staring into the face of the one person she has wanted to capture for a dozen years. The one who got away. The man who killed her parents.

My Rating: *****

My Review:

I loved this book and I can’t wait to read more in the series! This is a Victorian mystery series with a female lead as a bookshop owner. The plot of finding her parent’s killer is very intriguing ,and she receives some help from the powerful,enigmatic Duke of Blackford, though his motives and intentions seem murky. All the characters were well written and interesting. Georgia Fenchurch was a smart and determined heroine, and you just have to love she owns a bookshop. The beginning romantic tension between Georgia and the brooding Duke of Blackford was awesome! The plot runs along smoothly and for me this book was a page turner.

I am so looking forward to the next book in this series, and if you love a good historical cozy this is a series for you!