A cousin of Georgia’s dear friend, Lady Phyllida Monthalf, is brutally murdered in her home during the theft of blueprints of a new battleship designed by her husband—who now stands accused of her murder…and treason. The Duke of Blackford, in service to Whitehall, enlists Georgia and the Archivist Society to assist in the investigation. Playing the part of the duke’s new paramour, Georgia gains entry into the upper echelons of London’s elite, where amidst elegant dinners and elaborate parties a master spy schemes to lay hands on the stolen plans.

The duke is no stranger to the world of international espionage, but Georgia is out of her element in more ways than one. She must not allow her genuine attraction to the duke—or her obsession with finding her parents’ killer—to distract her from her role. But when a mysterious stranger threatens to expose her, the counterfeit lady may be in real trouble…

My Rating: *****

My Review:

Georgia, Lady Phyllida Monthalf and Emma return in this second Victorian Bookshop Mystery, as do the members of the Archivist Society and The Duke of Blackford. When a cousin of Georgia’s friend, Lady Phyllida Monthalf, is killed in her home during which the theft of important blueprints were stolen, then she is asked to investigate. In order to find out who killed her friend’s cousin, she must pose as a wealthy widow from the Far East returning to London and her former lover, played by the Duke of Blackford. There are moments with her and Blackford that sizzle, and Emma/Sumner are so cute! The novel is very well-researched, detailed, and written. I enjoyed it every bit as much as the first one, and I plan to read the next book in this series.