An American Duchess by Caroline Fyffe

My Rating: ****

My Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I wasn’t aware Heart of Mine came before introducing Emma and Barenger, but it still could be read as a stand alone with a few more interesting characters added. I’ve never read anything by Caroline Fyffe before, and I was impressed. The love stories were endearing, and I loved the characters. A good mystery was thrown in keeping this story very busy!

The story is about a young American woman crossing the Atlantic to take her place beside her husband, who has just inherited a Duchy. Being excepted into the English Aristocracy is hard enough, but when your mother-in-law is a she devil it’s almost impossible. None the less Emma is up to the task, and becomes a strong independent Duchess who is a great partner to her Duke. If you love a good Victorian romance and mystery you will enjoy The American Duchess.