It’s 1194 and Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire’s newly appointed Keeper of the Pleas, must do his duty and make an official declaration of the cause of a miller’s death. Saddled with a clerk who names Faucon his ‘penance’, the shire’s first Crowner must thread the tangled relationships between the sheriff, the village of Priors Holston and the priory that once ruled it. As a simple task takes a turn to the political, what seems obvious isn’t and what appears safe turns out to be more dangerous than he could imagine.

My Rating: *****

My Review:

For a first mystery written by Denise Domning it was very well structured, and researched. I absolutely enjoyed this medieval mystery. I enjoy pieces of this period and this one is very good. I loved the characters and the story line was well written.

The year is 1194 and Sir Faucon de Ramos has been named the newly appointed Keeper of the Pleas. Shortly after there is a suspicious death and he is called upon to determine if it’s an accident or a murder. Along with a very reluctant monk who has been assigned as his partner he dives in to solve the case. There is another twisted and deep mystery brewing in the series that will keep you guessing. I am looking forward to the second book in this series!